Red Light Therapy General Assistance

Q. Why do I have to activate my red light each time I turn on the sauna?

A: When you initially activated the Redlight, you  most likely used 40 degrees Celsius for activation which is for commercial settings.  You must re-activate the sequence  using 50 degrees Celsius in order to keep it on while using your sauna.

Q.  My Redlight therapy unit works in the wall outlet but, not in the sauna.

A: Make sure to activate the auxiliary outlet located on the floor to the left of the door. If you already have, you will need to check the wiring for a loose pin or molex clip.  (Auxiliary outlet activation instruction are here beginning on page 9)

Q. The lights on the Redlight unit are no longer working? 

A: Please contact our service department for further troubleshooting.  Your Redlight Unit may need to be replaced.

Also check out the videos here or, please call us ta 1.800.798.1779 x2