HALOONE® Salt Therapy General Assistance

Most Common Question #1

I was told that I may taste salt in the air while HALOONE® was operating.  I can see mist  but, why can I not taste it.

Answer: The two vibrating mesh outlets which allow the mist to come out of the unit may be partially clogged. Please refer to this video on how to unclog the outlet. Take a dampened Q-Tip and gently push and rotate it in a circular motion to loosen any debris. Upon cleaning the unit, you should then be able to receive the full list of health benefits.

Most Common Question #2

I pushed the refill into the tray and now it is stuck. How do I fix it?

Answer:  Carefully wiggle the refill cartridge out of the tray. Once the refill is out of the tray, please check that you are placing the refill on its side and then into the tray. The foiled top must face the side opening of the tray to supply HALOONE® with the medical-grade saline solution.

Most Common Question #3

Do I have to buy the refills separately?

Answer:  Yes.  Our proprietary pods, work specifically for the HALOONE® units and we sell them directly to you

Also check out the videos here.